Destiny Communications has 20 years of designing CCTV surveillance solutions. We provide both IP and HD CCTV systems. We can upgrade your current system or design a complete system for you. Video

Surveillance systems provide the following benefits

  1. Create a safer work environment for employees and customers
  2. Deter theft, violence and vandalism
  3. Identity offenders
  4. Provide evidence for prosecutions by police
  5. Provide 24/7 enhanced surveillance
  6. More efficiently use your security staff by providing them with better surveillance tools
  7. Identify staff training needs for management
  8. Record and monitor floor activities to assist your management team with tasks such as merchandising, operations, inventory management, and the handling of hazardous/high-risk materials
  9. Provide recorded documentation of incidents which can be integrated into training programs

Our CCTV Partners are: Milestone, Axis, Dahua, Bosch, Pelco, Siemens and Vicon.